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The Mayo Monster Returns?

2010-12-16 16:22:43 by TheMayoMonster

We'll see...

The Venetia Fair

2009-08-04 16:59:09 by TheMayoMonster

This band is so friendly and funny. I heard about them about 6 months ago, and became an instant fan. I began talking to them and now I'm pretty good friends with the band. I want to share this band with you. Normally I'm pretty selfish with my bands, but this band NEEDS to be well known. Here's a brief summary I came up with.

The Venetia Fair is a Massachusetts based band which consists of Benny Santoro (Vocals), Samuel Parsons (Bass), Chuck Kang (Guitar), Joe Brown (Keyboard) and their newest band mate, Chris Constantino (Drummer) of Chainsaw Mascara (now named The Series upon his resignation). This lively bunch has been known to rage (raging is a good thing).

Their Music, inspired by circus music and general circus activities, AKA "circusry", explores numerous genres and has many influences. They have been compared to Panic At The Disco, The Used, and My Chemical Romance. The band's sound is very unique as they throw in many different instruments as well as screamo elements, and at times gives a chaotic atmosphere. It is constructed with the idea of making your body move. Their songs are fun as well as scary.
The band really goes all out to set the mood.

I highly recommend this band

Their Debut CD, The Circus can be found online Here.

Myspace : Here

The Venetia Fair

Music on the way :]

2009-07-12 18:27:02 by TheMayoMonster

I have been working on alot of different kinds of things lately, and have finally gotten an idea on what it is I want to do. For the time being, I'm gonna play around with techno, because it is fun and interesting to work with.

I already have a few of the stuff uploaded. check it out :]

The Mayo Monster

2009-05-25 03:48:37 by TheMayoMonster

I've recently come out of retirement. (Although i never publicly said it, I did in fact, quit music)
I've gotten a new style, new technique, new inspirations as well as new influences. I hate to disappoint the few people who actually enjoyed my old stuff, (from "The Mayo") but I'm not the same musician, at least I don't think so, maybe you'll like my new stuff, I'll be more active on here now =]